Help Friends

Things you can do

Take a moment to check-in.

  • Ask if your friend is okay.
  • Does you friend know what’s going on?
  • Is your friend able to give consent?
    (If you wouldn't let your friend drive, he/she/they probably can’t give consent.)

Try the 3 D's - Distract, Delegate, Direct

Create a distraction

  • Ask your friend to go to bathroom with you.
  • Take your friend to get food or go dance.
  • Spill a drink, so it can’t be drunk.

Delegate to get others involved

  • Find an authority figure.
  • Get a team captain.
  • Get a club officer or bouncer.
  • Gather friends to take charge.

Directly tell the person attempting to do harm:

  • “Stop!”
  • “Leave him/her/them alone.”
  • “Go away.”

Get Help

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