Who gets notified?

Who Gets Notified After An Alcohol Transport?

  • The Director of Student Life (DSL), if Public Safety was involved in a transport. In this case, the student may hear from a DSL without any contact or notification from your doctors at UHS — mainly as an acknowledgment of the incident and an expression of concern.
  • Parents are not routinely informed by UHS staff or by other University officials about UHS admissions. However, if the circumstances are such that you were taken to a local emergency room by ambulance and later escorted by Public Safety back to UHS, then it is likely that your parents will receive a bill from the hospital or ambulance service pertaining to the visit. In this way, parents may be indirectly informed about the hospital visit. Parents are also notified after a second alcohol or drug violation, if there is a pattern of multiple transports, or in life-threatening or other serious situations.

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